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Pennant Private Medical Services Price List (January 2023)

Private GP Consultation 30 minutes £100
Private GP Consultation 1 hour £180
Private Dermatologist Consultation 30 minutes new appointment £250 Follow up £200
Repeat Prescriptions fee £25
Private Medical Please contact us for individual pricing
Private Tele Dermatology (new appointment £200)
If the quality of the photograph is clear, our private dermatologist can assess the photograph and often provide a diagnosis and treatment options including prescription without the patient having to travel anywhere

Private Allergy Testing
Coming soon

Private Skin Surgery
All tissue removal is required by law to be sent to the laboratories for histology. A histology is the study of tissues and cells under a microscope to provide a diagnosis. The prices quoted below are inclusive of histology.

Diagnostic Punch Biopsy £400
Skin lesion removal (non-cancer) with histology without closure from £550
Skin lesion removal (non-cancer) with histology AND wound closure from £750
Skin lesion removal (Suspected-cancer) with histology AND wound closure by GP from £850
Complex Skin lesion removal (Suspected-cancer) with histology AND wound closure by Specialist GP from £950

The prices will be adjusted and tailored based on the number of lesions being removed and how complex the procedure is.

All below procedures costs to be decided once seen by clinician as lesions and procedures are so varied
Private Skin Steroid Injections
Acne Cyst Injections
Alopecia Injections
Hypertrophic Scar Injections (Keloid)

Private Skin Cryotherapy
Cryotherapy for skin lesions is commonplace within the world of dermatology. It can be a very effective treatment for treating numerous warts, seborroic keratosis, solar keratosis and can sometimes be a supportive measure in the treatment of minor skin cancers.
Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating using Botox (The treatment of hyperhidrosis can be achieved with Botox injections and certain medications. Prior to going to treatment a patient will have to have a full consultation with either the GP or the dermatologist)

Joint Injections (Shoulder and Knee)
Treatment one joint incl. corticosteroids from £225
Chalazion (Meiboom Cyst Eyelid) with corticosteroid injection from £225

from our patients

I First met Dr. Tim Clayton when he treated our 2 year old grandaughter a couple of years ago and improved her skin condition immensely. Since then I have been treated by him for actinic keratosis on my face caused by sun damage over many years. His advice and treatment have been exceptional and have resulted in my condition improving dramatically. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and, in fact, have done so to numerous friends!

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