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Medical Weight Management

Medical Weight Management

Overweight and obesity Treatment

This new service is provided in our clinic by Dr Carmen Munteanu, FRCA, FRCGP, Diploma in Overweight and Obesity management.

Dr Munteanu is an experienced local doctor who specializes in obesity management providing tailored consultations and treatment. She provides compassionate care that is non-judgmental and sensitive to your health concerns. Dr Munteanu offers a complete analysis of the causes of the overweight, as well as an individual risk assessment, using a scientific approach.

Obesity is simply defined as a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30 kg/m2.

However, the medical research has shown that obesity is much more complex than calculating the BMI. The distribution of the different types of fat in the body, age and ethnicity are important determinants of the overall health and health risks.

While the main reason people ask for help with weight reduction is aesthetic, being overweight is associated with significant increase of risks for metabolic syndrome, diabetes, ischaemic heart disease, sleep apnoea, infertility (just to mention a few of complications) The ongoing inflammatory response in the body is implicated in the increased risks of cancers, dementia and of course ageing.

Dr Munteanu approaches medical obesity management similarly to that of other chronic diseases. Therefore weight loss and maintenance is a challenging, long-term endeavour and not dissimilar to that of treating another chronic condition such as diabetes, chronic pulmonary disease, high blood pressure).

You will be involved in agreeing in making personalised lifestyle modifications. Where indicated, alongside the dietary, physical and psychological modifications, Dr Munteanu prescribes recognised approved weight loss medication.

Such medication can now be obtained over the internet without proper medical assessment and follow up, however this can put significant risks for your health. If you need such medication, she will provide the right medication at the right dose.

We provide rigorous medical assessment and follow up, to ensure that the medication is effective. You will be guided and receive advice on the ways to combat and navigate the most common side effects of medication.

Our clinic is committed to your medical safety along this journey, and we will monitor your health accordingly. We measure success not only by “pounds lost” but also by improvements in your laboratory work, vital signs, body composition, stabilising other associated chronic diseases and quality of life.

Success is dependent on many factors, including genetics, other associated health conditions, medication use, and your personal goals for long-term treatment.

Along your journey, we will celebrate your successes and support you during difficult times. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and share any struggles you may have.

The first consultation is around 90 minutes and involves a detailed medical history, examination, followed by mutual agreement of the management plan. The follow up plan will be agreed at this time.



Dr Munteanu is an experienced local GP. She completed her medical training in the University Grigore T Popa in Iasi, Romania. She moved to Wales since 1993 immediately after finishing medical school. She completed her training as an anaesthetist and passed the FRCA examination in 1996.

In 2002 completed her second speciality training in ‘General Practice, followed by a year Clinical Fellowship, gaining further experience in musculoskeletal medicine and joint injections in Bath University. She is a Fellow of the Royal college of General Practice in London and recently completed a postgraduate Diploma in In Obesity and Weight management in the University of South Wales.

Her special medical interest is medical management of overweight and obesity.

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I First met Dr. Tim Clayton when he treated our 2 year old grandaughter a couple of years ago and improved her skin condition immensely. Since then I have been treated by him for actinic keratosis on my face caused by sun damage over many years. His advice and treatment have been exceptional and have resulted in my condition improving dramatically. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and, in fact, have done so to numerous friends!

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